Summer Teacher Training

Jan 2019

Every summer, Success Academies trains at least 700 new teachers and school staff members. The events and programming take place at New York Law School, which is a labyrinth of a building. Creating banners, directional signage, and promotional items help propel teacher training into a high energy and joyful affair.


Most teachers in training are coming from different backgrounds and parts of the country. This is where they will first meet each other. Along with various swag items, we provided these fun pins that can help stir up conversation and allow attendees to make new and long-lasting connections.

Summer Course Catalog

The course catalog is an 80+ page book that provides descriptions of all of the trainings that participants will undergo. The large letter and number forms that overlap with gradients throughout the document allude to the fact that all school staff have an awesome and grand task set before them in the fall. This responsibility is just over their horizon and is coming fast.

Thematic Moleskin (Highly Coveted Item)

Each summer of training has a different theme or focus that is touched upon in all trainings. This is usually conveyed in the highly coveted moleskin that is given to all attendees at the beginning of training. In 2019, the theme was "Excellence is a habit." Since habits are repetitive, the design came together pretty quickly.

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