Slam the Exam

Apr 2018

Since its founding in 2006, Success Academies has had a testing initiative called Slam the Exam. At its core, the initiative is responsible for preparing scholars for the New York state exams that begin in March. Prior to the first state exam, we hold an academic pep rally to build up scholar spirit and confidence. I collaborated closely with our in-house animator to bring my updated logo design and program graphics to life.

Updated Identity

The design and placement of each letter is a visual representation of the scholar cheers and dances that take place during the pep rally.

The Environment: Barclay's Center

Shirts Build the Presence Within the Arena

Borough Cheers

Academic Awards

*Nominee and Winner Graphics: scholar names are blocked out for privacy.

Social Media


Design Director: Christina Rodriguez
Design: Jordan Weaver
Animation: Amelia Charles
Photography: Polina Bulman, Rafael Infante
Video Audio: John Sears

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