Stories that Move Us

Mar 2021

The theme for the Success Academy spring 2020 gala centered around scholar stories that move us. Whether it's how scholars conquered a challenge or persevered in the face of adversity, these are the stories that go unheard in our families' communities, and highlighting them only makes their achievements that much more impressive. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Identity Design

The mark depicts both a book and the nib of a fountain pen. While the line work was not too challenging to resolve, the color was. Multiple color tests were conducted to ensure that there was an overall balance and that no one color stood out or receded among other colors. This was important to solve for because the focal point of the mark needed to stay along its central axis.

Printed Invitation

The printed invitation is a book. I worked with the printer to devise a way to have a two-spread book, which is not necessarily possible in standard bindings because page counts must be divisible by four. We ended up folding two cards and mounting them in the center.

Design: Jordan Weaver
Production Design:  Ozi Hidalgo Balarezo, Stephen Carlson

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