Joy of Discovery

Jul 2020

In public education, schools receive funding based on how many students are enrolled, thus funding is based on money received per pupil. Public charter schools receive less per-pupil funding than its Department of Education counterparts. As a result, public charter schools have to raise money to fill the gap in per pupil funding. Spring galas, among other initiatives, are a great way to ensure an organization is financially sound for the following school year.

Printed Invitation

The theme for the spring 2019 gala was titled "The Joy of Discovery." It recognized those "a-ha!" moments in learning that celebrate and cultivate understanding of subject matter.

When designing the invitation, I incorporated the energy of an "a-ha" moment into a reveal when users open the envelope. The envelope revealed a burst of color which created a visual excitement around the event name.

Design: Jordan Weaver
Joy of Discovery Identity Design: Christina Rodriguez

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