Design System for High School Interiors

Oct 2021

With the addition of our second high school, SA High School 0f the Liberal Arts-Harlem, it became necessary to develop and codify existing HS design elements into a new look for High School. This completes the visual journey of our Elementary and Middle School design. For High School the challenge was to create a space that provokes inquiry so that new ideas can take form in our scholars minds.

The Plus

The plus represents the point at which two unrelated ideas can cross paths in the mind of a scholar and then generate a new perspective, idea, or way of thinking.

Classroom Door Entrance

Door panels establish the entrance of each classroom , office, or utility room. This offers a pop of color throughout the hallways.

Posters that Promote Inquiry

Connecting the big ideas to smaller topics inspires our scholars to take large concepts and understand how they impact the world around us. Scholars will pass this content each day and have the opportunity to steep in it. The mixing of disparate subject matter (Art History and Quantum Physics) lays the groundwork for the next great discovery, tomorrows next big idea!

Digital Message Boards and Poster Templates

Digital message boards with a template library help promote school and scholar life, events, and announcements.

The Scholars' Next Horizon

Scholars have been on a path to college since day one of kindergarten. The wall of college names represents the scholars' next horizon in life. The names are a daily reminder to be persistent in your path to a four year degree.


Many of our schools are co-located with other schools and sometimes branded signage is needed.

Faces of the Curriculum

A mural depicting the faces and aspirational figure within our K–12 curriculum adorns a common space area where scholars can socialize and collaborate on school work.

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