BNA Staffing Brand Refresh and Site Design

Feb 2020

BNA Staffing needed an updated look for their site design. Working with a developer, we both were able to refresh their identity and provide guidance maintaining the new graphic standards. We also were able to consolidate different user journeys as the original site had many redundant paths.

Refreshed Identity

The Rhino received a makeover. Standing for strength and persistence in rough climates (think job markets), I felt it needed to represent the strong connection BNA has with its clients and candidates. In engineering, triangular structures are very strong which helped inspire the execution of the mark.

Strong Networks Need Bold Graphic Elements

Structural Pattern

The pattern helps provide a cohesive look across varying assets.

Industry Icons

Icons help visually organize job posts for each user.

Photography Guidance

Knowing our client would need guidance on site maintenance, I created a set of guidelines for using stock photography. The number one rule was to avoid overly posed photos.

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